Swapping Christmas Deliciousness at Malmö Food Swap

Malmö Food Swap’s second and latest event was held yesterday. As I mentioned before, the theme
for the event was Christmas and the swapping tables were full of incredible creations. Various sweet things such as dulce de leche, marmalade, apple sauce, caramel and chocolates were clearly dominating but you could also find crackers, fermented beverages and sausages. It was a wonderful combination of tasty things.

It is no secret that I enjoy to prepare and cook the food I eat from scratch (of course I also have my shortcuts for lazy days). I certainly wouldn’t call myself a snob when it comes to food ( I eat anything really and appreciate almost everything people offer to me ) but there is something especially nice about getting together with people that share the same interest. It makes me happy thinking of all the work behind each and one of the products made for the food swap.

A couple participating at the event yesterday brought with them the recipe for one of their products, for everyone to see. It was a great idea and it made me think it would be fun to also swap recipes at the food swap. So, for the next event (that will take place in the beginning of next year, keep an eye on the Facebook page) you could also complement your product with a recipe!

I am very happy with all the trades I made yesterday. Both my pantry and refrigerator are now full of tasty things for weeks ahead.

Marmalade of figs and pistachios (made by me, recipe will come in a while).
Cake tastings.
An old classic, Radiokaka.
Organic applesauce.
Organic granola.
Lemon curd.
Rye crackers.
Apple caramel and apple butter.
Mango marmalade and dulce de leche.
These things got to come home with me!

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