Food Swap & Blog Inspiration


The 17th of November 2014 was the date of our first food swap. It has now past more than two years since that first time and we are still going strong. Over the time more and more people have shown interest and started to attend our swaps. These things take time. Especially when you have to plan in advance and make things to bring. Many people live stressful lives and doesn’t necessarily spend their free time in the kitchen making homemade treats for swapping. I am truly happy that the people of our city has come to realize how much fun it can be to make your own stuff even though you can buy most things already made.

At the swap yesterday there were two fine ladies that has written about their food swapping experience at their websites. It is always fun to read about other people’s experiences. Jessica runs the blog  the liveliest and Alexandra the blog i gott pysselsällskap. Both sites are full of inspiration and ideas about all sorts of things.

As always there was a big variety of home made items at the event and I was lucky enough to bring some of them home with me. The women behind the boutique and concept Green Stories were so nice to let us use their local once again. If you are interested in attending a future swap or just curious to know a bit more, then go ahead and visit our Facebook page, Malmö Food Swap.

dsc_52130028Coconut caramel sauce, pineapple-chili sauce and pickled lemons.

dsc_52350050Fermented dilly carrots.

dsc_52720087Sourdough bread, seed crackers, black currant jam and granola.

dsc_52340049Caramel cookies.




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