Juice Of The Month – Dark Red Protection


From now on I am going to have a recurring post every month called “Juice Of The Month”. Why? Because I am the owner of a great juice-extractor and because homemade juice is tasty and good for you. And why not start the year with a new habit that happens to benefit your health?

This month’s juice, Dark Red Protection, is bursting with colour and antioxidants. It is a blend of pomegranate, beetroot, apple and pear. Beetroot and pomegranate gives the juice its unique, earthy flavour while apple and pear contribute with a bit more acid and sweetness.

Pomegranate and beetroot contains some very powerful antioxidants that will provide your cells with great protection. Pomegranate is rich in vitamin C while beetroot is a great source of Folic acid and Betalains, an antioxidant. Betalains has anti-inflammatory and detoxing properties which also makes “Dark Red Protection” a great choice, whenever you are in the mood for a detox.

Although it might seem like pomegranate and beetroot stand for all the healthy stuff in this drink, it is far from the truth. Apple is well known for its nutritious content (who hasn’t heard of the “one apple a day…”) and it possesses both protective and detoxing properties. Apple is a great source of pectin (also pear but not as much) which helps lower your blood sugar level. When I make juice I almost always include apple or pear for the sake of the good flavour. No juice pass my lips simply for its health benefits, it also needs to be yummy, and “Dark Red Protection” truly is!


Juice of the Month - Dark Red Protection

  • Servings: 2-3 glasses
  • Print

1 pomegranate
1 big beetroot
3 apples
1 pear


1. Peel the beetroot and cut in halves.

2. Open the pomegranate and remove the seeds. Place the seeds in a bowl.

3. Wash the apples and pear. Cut them in halves and remove the stems and seeds. You don’t have to peel the fruit if you don’t want to. I prefer to use organic fruit and leave the skin on since it contains lots of nutrients.

4. All the fruit is now ready for the juice extractor. Fire away and enjoy!

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