Raw Food House – A Source of Inspiration

Many years ago before Iris was born and before I met Roberto, I discovered the world of fermentation and sprouting. Seeds are so fascinating with their incredible health benefits and ability to sprout. When seeds sprout they become a great source of nutrition and energy. It is easy to make ones you know how to and also so much fun. In my early days of fermentation I learned how to make bread of sourdough but later on I started to ferment other things like vegetables and soybeans. For various reasons I haven’t been neither sprouting nor fermenting anything for the last few years but recently I decided to give it another go. I think that the health benefits of eating sprouts and fermented food are so many and I believe that most physical conditions will improve when eating it. But with this being said I found myself with a lack of inspiration.
To get inspired and to sharpen my skills I registered, together with a friend, for a one time evening course in sprouting and fermentation at the Raw Food House in Malmö. I am so happy I did. Not only did I get inspired but I also learned a lot of new things about fermentation. Beside the techniques of sprouting and fermenting vegetables we also learned how to make yogurt of cashews and how to make Kombucha ( a fermented drink ). The Raw Food House is a restaurant in Malmö that serves incredible tasty raw food every day of the week. They arrange different courses in raw food like Raw breakfast, Kids and raw food, Sprouting and fermentation and much more. I find the Raw Food House to be a real source of inspiration for all people that enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and are looking for a way to eat a bit more healthy. The food I tried in the restaurant was bursting with flavour and I believe I have never before tried anything of the kind. But if you have an award winning chef preparing the food ( like Raw Food House ) then I guess this is the result that you get. And from now on there will be a lot more experimenting going on in our kitchen, just wait and see!
This is what you see when you enter the restaurant. In the refrigerator you find lots of tasty things to eat and drink for take away.
Linda, chef and owner, is demonstrating the technique of how to ferment white cabbage.
We got to try many tasty things. This is Kimchi, a fermented Korean dish.
Just look at all the raw pastries! I will be back for one of those!
This is a Kombucha mushroom. And in the jar behind it you see the fermented Kombucha drink.
Raw sushi! It was so incredible good!
I don’t know about you but I would definitely stop by the restaurant just so I could sit here and enjoy my meal. I love the posters!
They also sell different things that will help you prepare raw food. Everything from kitchen machines and raw material to books.
These are some of the things I brought with me home. Some probiotic powder for my cashew yogurt and some chaga mushroom for infusions.
If you are a interested in knowing more about the chaga mushroom you can read about it here.

Möllans Eko – A Farm Shop Online

One thing that I love is to go outside the city to a farm where they grow and sell vegetables. I find it so nice and inspiring to buy my vegetables directly from the farmer. And if it is organic even better. Beside the fact that I do it for my own pleasure I also find it important to support local farmers and even more if they grow organically. Once in a while there is a farmers market in the city and we very much love to go there but it is not the same as getting what you want when you want it. Recently I found out about a shop called Möllans Eko that sells organically and locally grown vegetables and honey. They sell vegetables from only two farms. You order what you want online on their web page and then they deliver your groceries at specific cafes in the city. I couldn’t believe our luck when I realised that they deliver to a cafe just around the corner from our house.

This week we made our first order. We wanted to try just a few things to see how it all worked out and we were not disappointed. The vegetables both looked and tasted very good. Everything from the ordering to the delivery and the payment was very easy and the person I was in contact with from the company was perfectly helpful and polite. I am not sure but I think they also have other options for delivery if you are not able to pick your order up in one of the cafes. Oh, did I mention that the selection of vegetables is great? It is very much like shopping directly from the farmer but online. They sell some vegetables that you rarely see in your ordinary supermarket. That together with the fact that it is organically and locally grown make the whole idea irresistible. Things like this makes me really happy. How about that, it doesn’t take that much to put a smile on my face!

Outside cafe Noir where we collected our order.

We were very exited and curious to see our veggies.

Among other things we ordered green snap beans, parsley and chioggia beets ( polkabetor ).

Admiring the beautiful parsley.
We were so pleased with the whole thing and we are definitely continuing with our orders from the farmer shop Möllans Eko!