Apples & Butterflies


As much as it has become a tradition to go apple picking every year in September, it has also become a tradition to share the event here on Veggietown. Once a year we visit a near by apple farm to pick apples and enjoy the scenery of the area. This year we also got to meet lots of friendly butterflies. We had them on our shoulders, heads and hands!

The south of Sweden (where we live) is full of apple trees. There is also lots of fun places to visit if you want to experience the huge variety of local apples and the selection of local apple products. One of the most visited events is the yearly apple market in Kivik.

I love to cook and create things from apple, partly because of the local factor but also because it has so many possibilities. Right now we have ten kilos of apple that are waiting to be eaten and transformed into a yummy preserve. Lets fill the pantry for the coming season!

dsc_44870008The type of apple that we picked today is called Aroma. It is perfect to eat raw but also great for cooking and baking.


dsc_4514003510 kilos coming up!



dsc_45310052Beautiful and scary…

dsc_45500071Picking and posing.

dsc_45850106Red Aroma apples.

dsc_45600081Strolling around…

dsc_45910112We also found autumn raspberries,…


dsc_46050126…and pears. Next week the pears and more types of apples are ready for picking.





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