Lilac Rhubarb Syrup


This lilac rhubarb syrup has an incredible aroma. It truly is early summer stored in a bottle. With rhubarb being one of my favorite primeurs, lilac is without question one of my favorite flowers. Every spring at the beginning of May I find myself strolling in the park, longing for the strong and sweet scent of lilac flowers. According to the language of flowers, lilac is often considered to be a symbol of love and that is not difficult to believe if you have once experienced its seductive smell. And who knows, maybe this syrup turns out to be a true love potion. Wouldn’t that be great!

Lilac rhubarb syrup is super tasty with porridge, vanilla ice cream and pancakes. Or why not as a summer drink, served chilled with lots of ice and a splash of lemon!

Lilac Rhubarb Syrup

  • Servings: 3-4 bottles
  • Print

  • 700 g rhubarb
  • 10 lilac bunches
  • 10 dl sugar / 4.2 cup
  • 4 dl water / 1.7 cup
  • peel from half a lemon


  1. Wash the rhubarb and make sure the lilac flowers are free from insects. Remove the outer peel from the lemon using a potato peeler ( yellow part only).
  2. Slice the rhubarb and place it in a sauce pan. Add sugar and water and bring to boil. Lower the heat and simmer for 10 minutes.
  3. Add the lemon peel and the bunches of lilac flowers. No need to remove the flowers from the stems. Let it simmer for 10 more minutes and then strain the flowers and rhubarb from the syrup using a sieve. Fill sterilized bottles with the hot syrup and seal. If stored in a cool place it will keep for up to three months or longer.

Note: This syrup could easily be processed in a hot water bath for longer shelf life.

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