End Of Spring Food Swap


Yesterdays food swap was amazing! The tables were full of seasonal spring flavors and the air was full of inspiration. I must say that one of the nicest things about swapping food is that you get a lot of new inspiration. For example I did not know you could eat bird cherry and why have I never tried making chutney of onions. Participating in a food swap is as much collecting ideas for new creations as it is for trading food. If you are interested in knowing more about food swapping then check out our network’s (Malmö Food Swap) Facebook page which we update continuously. Below I share some pictures from yesterdays event!

DSC_37230004-Here I am, setting the table with the items I have brought. Rhubarb and lilac syrup, pickled rhubarb and lilac syrup.

DSC_37350016-People are showing up and looking at each others creations. Some brought samples.

DSC_37380019-A flavorful mango chutney.

DSC_37390020-Chia cupcakes and onion chutney.


DSC_37430024-I would love to know which spices that goes into this Austrian spice mix!

DSC_37440025-Yesterdays swap was full of jars.

DSC_37450026-Vegan pesto of ground elder.

DSC_37510032-Sundried tomato ketchup.

DSC_37530034-Lilac sugar and basil-mint sugar.

DSC_37570038-Swapping one thing for another.

DSC_37650046-Cookies with rhubarb jam.


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