The First Food Swap Of 2016


This weekend we finally had our first food swap of the year. There were so many exiting creations and everything that I tried tasted great. Sadly I couldn’t swap with everyone due to the fact that I only had a curtain amount of items with me. But I still got a lot of inspiration and that is almost as good. If you are into canning, baking, preserving or any other type of cooking you should come to our next swap and check it out. If not to participate then at least to watch and get inspired. As soon as the goodies are set on the tables curious people stop by to see what we are up to. If you are interested to know a bit more about Malmö Food Swap you should visit our Facebook page.

DSC_33930047-On this picture you can see the things that I brought. Chili pickled sandwich and burger veggies, orange and vanilla syrup and spicy tomato and tamarind sauce (recipe coming soon).

DSC_34410095-Just hanging out and waiting for all participants to arrive.

DSC_34150069-Lovely yellow lemon and orange curd.

DSC_34660120-Crackers made of different seeds.

DSC_35000154-Some serious bargaining is going on!

DSC_34180072-Muffin, cookies and other baked stuff.

DSC_34040058-I was one of the lucky people that got to bring this carrot cake granola with me home.


DSC_34650119-It is always nice to be able to taste the different things on spot. Then you know what you bring home.

DSC_34810135-A few other items at the swap, that were not caught in any picture, were hot chili sauce, chickpea blondies, bergamot fruitmix and different types of bread.

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