Summer Food Swap at Kafé Agnez


Yesterdays Food Swap was awesome! Kafé Agnez were nice to let us borrow a corner of their cosy courtyard where we sat up tables with all kind of goodies on them. The sun was shining and it was a warm day, probably the warmest so far this year. This was our first food swap outdoors and that definitely made it even more enjoyable. A lot of creative home produce found new owners in the sunshine. I swapped one of my rhubarb syrups for canned pineapple mixed with roasted coconut. I also ended up with plum chutney, plum marmalade, apple sauce, muffins, cookies and much more. The two big groups of products at yesterdays swap were canned preserves and baked items. One thing that stood out from the crowd was small bags of sugar, flavoured with elderflower. I’m a bit disappointed I didn’t get my hands on one of those!

DSC_18080002-Letting everyone know who we are!

DSC_18200014-Sourdough bread and muffins.

DSC_18210015-Jars of plum chutney and marmalade. Also small forms where you fill in details about your product and with space for all participants to write their names if they are interested in a trade.

DSC_18340028-People checking in.

DSC_18420036-Bags of elderflower sugar.

DSC_18430037-People mingling, checking out and trying each others products.

DSC_18480042-Classic cinnamon buns. Always a favourite in my house. There were not many left in the bag I traded once I got home (I was clearly not the only one eating!).

DSC_18490043-Small cookies filled with something delicious which I can’t remember what it was.

DSC_18500044-Canned pineapple with roasted coconut.

DSC_18660060-Paula and me, the two hosts of the event.

DSC_18700063-And here we have our smaller assisting host, my daughter Iris. With her you can always count on great help. She also gives the best and most honest feedback on new recipes. You know immediately when you have failed!

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