Food Swap at Spring Market


On Sunday, Malmö Food Swap took part in a local spring market. The market was held at a city centre café’s cosy courtyard. The day was full of local produce, music, people and great atmosphere. Malmö Food Swap had a small table where everyone was welcome to swap their homemade/homegrown creations. It was a very fine day with incredible weather and happy people. Have a look below at the snapshots from the market. Sadly I didn’t get a picture of all producers participating. You could also find various tomato plants, beautiful hats, paintings and interior decorating.

Malmö Food Swap’s next food swapping event will be in the middle of June at the very same café. Our Facebook page will soon be updated with more information about that.

DSC_13770015-A table for sowing and planting, next to the food swap table.

DSC_13820020-My daughter, a great assistant! Fully in charge of the sowing and planting… a great plan in theory…

DSC_13860024-Art handicraft and prints.

DSC_13830021-Illustrated recipes with sample!

DSC_13950033-Organic bread and goodies.

DSC_14150053-Organic cake and pastry blogger selling sweet things.

DSC_14180056-Aromatic soy candles.

DSC_14200058-Grow your own mushroom kit.

DSC_14250063-A bicycle café where you could buy lemonade and pastry.

DSC_14660104-Sorgenfri took the stage and charmed us all.

DSC_14720110-The Malmö Initiative Rude Food selling preserves.


DSC_14830121-Delicious local honey.

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