Bird Feeder – A Study Of Nature


A very fun and easy DIY-project is to make your own bird feeders. Making a bird feeder is a great way to canalise your creativity. I like to make it simple so that all the family can join in. Even though it feels good to provide the birds with something to eat, I enjoy more to actually watch them eat it. Placing your bird feeder at a spot where you can sit back and watch, with a good distance  in-between, is a very nice activity to do with your kids. Make sure to bring your binocular and notebook. You are then able to document everything with pictures and writing. It will be a super fun and easy study of nature!

The bird feeder above is made of peanuts, dried apricots and grapes. It is sewn together with some needle and thread. Leave enough thread to tie it to a tree branch. You may use whatever fruit and nuts you have at home. The only requirement is that it should be workable with a thread and needle. This bird feeder is suitable for anyone big enough to handle a needle.


But if you are not yet old enough to deal with needles or if you are just after something very quick and simple, I have the bird feeder for you! Crab an orange, split it in halves and remove the pulp. Fill it with your seed of choice and it is done, as simple as that!


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