Food Swap at Tapori Tiffins


Saturday it was time for another Food Swap. We held a small and very nice swapping event at Tapori Tiffins, a place for sustainable catering and  cooking courses. The tables were full of new exiting food inventions and it was difficult to decide which things to go for. At the end I was very happy with all of  my trades and I also got lots of inspiration for future Food Swaps. Have a look at the pictures below and come join us at the next event. To find out when that might be, check out Malmö Food Swap at  Facebook.

DSC_08560007-Seed crackers and Dukkah (a mix of spices and nuts) were some of the things you could find.

DSC_08690019-Wonderful syrup of pineapple and mango, to go with your oatmeal or pancakes.

DSC_08790029-Chutney of dates and tamarind. I brought some home and I imagine it tastes great with almost anything.


DSC_08860036-The bargain has started, everyone is trying to swap with their spotted favourites.


DSC_08910041-This was my final bargains of the day. I will most definitely have a delicious week!

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