Make Your Own Potato Stamp Wrapping Paper

Around Christmas there’s a lot of crafty things to entertain yourself and your children with. Creating your own wrapping paper using potato stamps is one of them. This is such a fun and creative way of making your gift wrapping more personal.

Making a potato stamp is very easy but I strongly suggest not to let your children help out with the actual carving step. You need a sharp knife for this and a bit of precision. But when the carving is done everyone is free to use the stamp.

You will need:
Sharp knife
Pen (for marking out the shape of the stamp)
Piece of white drawing paper
Roll of paper
Paper towel
1. Cut the potato into halves. Draw the shape that you want on a drawing paper and cut it out. Dry the potato with a paper towel. Place the paper shape on the potato and mark it out using a pen.
2. Remove the outside of the shape, carving it out.
3. Paint your shape with paint and a paintbrush. Flip it over and stamp your paper. When you are done stamping the entire paper roll, let it dry, then use it wrapping all your lovely Christmas gifts!

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