Rosehip Picking

We don’t have a garden full of rosehip but that doesn’t matter when you live in a city where it grows everywhere. Yesterday I went for a walk with Greta and a friend and our goal was to find and pick rosehip. We did not have to go far and it did not take us long to fill our basket. Now the only question that remains is what to do with them. At first I thought about drying them and store them in jars. In Sweden it is very common to make a soup or drink out of dried rosehip. But I later decided to go for a rosehip marmalade instead. You see, a few years ago I received a jar of rosehip marmalade from my aunt that she bought for us in Vienna. I truly believe it is one of the tastiest marmalades I have ever tried so I have to try and create something similar. I know my expectations are high but if my rosehip marmalade will taste only half as good as the one from Vienna then I’m happy. That means I will get back to you with the recipe if it will be a success.
In the meantime I want to share this map with you. It’s a harvest map over public places where you can find edible things in the Swedish nature. A bit more concentrated in the south and specially around the cities Malmö and Lund. If you don’t have a garden full of fruit and berries but still like to pick and prepare them this might be something for you. The network behind the map is called Mykorrhiza and they promote local maintenance.
Rosehip has many qualities. Beside the nutritional and culinary ones they are also a lot of fun to play with. The seeds inside the rosehip is famous for its itchy qualities. That was so much fun as a child!
I think I will definitely go for another basket before the season is over.


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