Mini Food Swap at our House

This weekend I had arranged a mini food swap at our house. There is a bigger one coming up in november but I guess I wanted some warming up before that. We had a lovely time swapping various delicacies. Food swapping is an activity I find to be so much fun. First of all I love to cook and prepare different homemade foods and secondly I truly like the idea of swapping it. Most people don’t have the time to prepare many different of types preserves, marmalades, bread and so on. But to make one big batch of for example strawberry jam is a bit less time consuming. Then you bring it to a food swap and swap it for something else and suddenly you have a fridge or pantry full of new interesting foods. The fact that you also get a lot of inspiration from others is a great bonus. Here are some pictures of the weekend’s goodies. I hope it gets you inspired! If you are interested in knowing more about food swapping I have written more about it here.

Granola bars, pumpkin pie and a hot chocolate mix were a few of the things at the table.
 Of course there was also some bargaining going on.
Bread and cookies were another possible trade.
We had a lot of jars filled with chutney and different marmalades.
And syrup to prepare fruit drink.
You can not bargain without some cake and coffee or tea.
I believe we were all happy at the end with our trades.

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