Malmö Food Swap

Malmö Food Swap is a community on facebook that arranges food swaps in Malmö. Everyone interested are welcome to join in. After hearing about the phenomenon I decided to start a food swap community since I couldn’t find any in the area where I live. Food swapping is still pretty new in Sweden. The idea has it’s roots in the US but has also been established in Europe and especially in the UK. Of course historically food has been swapped for a very long time but the movement has been reborn again in recent years.

What is a food swap then? A food swap is an event where people meet up to exchange homemade and homegrown food with others. No money are involved. You meet up, bring items you want to swap and hopefully leave with a lot of new tasty things. A food swap is a great event for meeting people that share the same interest as you. Some people also bring recipes and food samples to share with others.

Examples of food that can be exchanged at a food swap is bread loaves, cookies, canned fruit, preserved cucumbers, apples, fresh herbs, homemade pasta, bags of your own granola mix, marmalades, eggs from your farm or pierogies. As you see there are a lot of things you could bring. The examples above are just a few of them. The only requirement is that it has to be homemade or homegrown. You also need a tag telling what it is.

If you are interested in participating and knowing a little more check out our facebook community and find out when and where our next food swap event takes place. Feel free to invite others to the group so that we can grow. People that doesn’t have a Facebook account are of course also welcome so help spread the word from mouth to mouth as well!

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