Create Your Own Fringed Necklace

This week I have made my own fringed necklace after seeing different versions of it in various places. The one in the picture is my version but you can of course choose your own favourite colours and patterns. All together I think I spent about 2 hours making it and there is not anything difficult about it. You might actually already have all things you need at home. If not just visit your closest craft store and you will find what you need. So what’s stopping you? Start tonight and it will be done for tomorrow evening! Follow my step by step guide and you will finish it in a couple of hours.
 1. You will need: embroidery floss, chain necklace, a sharp scissor and some transparent nail polish.

2. Start by cutting the floss in 23 cm pieces. You will need a lot of strips and about 4 of them for each chain hole. This clearly depends on the size of the chain holes. Fold the string in half and insert the loop in the hole of the chain. You then insert the two ends of the floss through the loop and pull it tight. Now you have a knot like in the picture above. Continue until you have 4 fringes in each hole. Use different colours to create a pattern but use the same colour for all fringes in the hole. All together I inserted fringes in 24 chain holes.

3. When you have finished all the fringes they are probably a bit messy. Use your hands or a fine-toothed comb to straighten them out. If the floss is bent you can use an iron on low setting ( I did that ).

4. Time to cut! To get the line straight you have to use a sharp scissor. If you want to create a V-shape like I did, it is important that you cut it equal in both sides. I used a ruler and a thin permanent marker to my assistance.

5. To seal the knots and to prevent them from unsealing themselves, put a bit of nail polish just where the knot ties.

6. You may also put a little nail polish at the end of the strings to seal them but be careful not to use to much, you don’t want the fringes to become stiff. Your necklace is now ready to be used!

I truly hope my explanation has been to your satisfaction. If any step is unclear to you don’t hesitate to ask for advise in the comment field below.

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