Apple Picking Fun

Yesterday we visited an apple farm to get some apples for the coming weeks. I love apples, it is my favourite fruit all time! They are good just as they are or prepared in various ways. The best thing is that they grow here in Sweden and we have a lot of different types. It is so much fun to go out and visit an apple farm and pick your own apples. And if you like us happen to go on a sunny day it feels like heaven. It was incredible to walk around among the trees in the sunshine and smell all the fresh fruit. Iris had so much fun filling her little basket and trying the different types of apples. After the apple picking it was very nice to sit down for some tea and cake in the café. All things served in the café were made with apples. They also had a little boutique full of different apple preserves. As it turned out we took a lot of pictures. You don’t go picking apples without a camera!
Iris was raising with the cart. She couldn’t get to the apples soon enough.
Beautiful flowers still in bloom.
The view was fantastic…and flat, like the south of Sweden always is. The great pancake!
I never really thought about exactly how beautiful apple trees are until yesterday.
Becoming a little taller!
Sunshine in a package! I would choose an apple over fast food any day!
Filling her arms with fruit. Iris probably picked more than half of the apples all on her own.
She had to be careful not to drop any. She was very cautious.
The apples tasted divine! We picked two different types, Rubinola and Santana.
And then to Iris delight we came across a tractor.
A dandelion!
Someone is a bit proud of herself.
We also picked some pears.
The joy in Iris eyes when she discovered a butterfly. The smallest things…
It was very nice with a cup of tea and some apple treats.
I could not resist all the lovely preserves. I had to bring some home!

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