Dill Pickled Cucumbers


This time a year there is always a lot going on in our kitchen. With the autumn being harvest time and everything it is almost impossible not to get tempted every time I visit a market full of new picked vegetables and fruit. Also when the weather change into colder and the summer glitz disappears around the corner you need to find some new indoor activities to turn to.

If you want to pickle cucumbers it’s definitely time to do it right now. I have done pickled cucumbers a few times before and they have always turned out great. It is impossible to fail with it. But with that being said there are a few different ways to go while making them. In some recipes you leave them overnight and in others you get everything done in 40 minutes. This recipe is a 40 minute recipe!

I find pickled cucumbers to be one of the most useful pickles you can get. I use it with everything, for example on the side of a main course, chopped inside salsas and chutneys, in wraps and on sandwiches. In this recipe we used dill and mustard seeds as flavouring but you can use anything you like. Other times I have tried with garlic, bay leaves or chili. Don’t forget to use cleaned and sterilized jars, this way the cucumbers will last much longer.

Dill Pickled Cucumbers

2 kg kirby cucumbers
1 big sheaf of dill ( count 1-2 heads a jar )
5 tbsp mustard seeds
5 dl / 2 cup vinegar
5 dl / 2 cup water
9 dl / 3.6 cup sugar
2 dl / 0.8 cup salt
Wash the cucumbers carefully and cut them in slices. Place the sliced cucumber, dill and mustard seeds in the jars. Divide the mustard seeds equally between the jars and place 1-2 heads of dill in each. Pack the cucumbers tightly, they will later shrink when you add the liquid. Make sure the jars are cleaned and sterilized. Mix the rest of the ingredients in a pan or bowl and stir without heat until the salt and sugar has dissolved. It takes about 10 – 15 minutes. Pour the liquid over the cucumbers and fill approximately 2/3 of the jars. You don’t have to cover the cucumbers, they will contract and start to give away liquid by themselves. If you want to you can add a potato on the top to press the cucumbers down and then remove it in a couple of days. Store the jars in a cool place and enjoy them with your next meal!

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