Farmers Market, Pastries and Apple Rings

This Saturday was beautiful. In the morning we visited a farmers market, a retail market where the farmers sell food directly to the consumer. In our city we have a farmers market in the spring time, in the autumn time and at Christmas. I appreciate it especially since we live in the middle of the city and quite far away from any farm. Every time we go there I get amazed by all the products. They sell everything from fruit and vegetables to bread, honey and preserves. This Saturday I also laid my eyes on some lovely plants.
It is walking distance from our house to the market and on the road in between we passed a little French patisserie. We got so tempted that on the way back home we made a stop for some incredible pastries. For everyone living in Sweden it is no secret that autumn time is the season for apples and that was one of the things we wanted to buy at the market. I love apples. I love them raw, I love them dried and I love them cooked. That means that this time a year is apple time at our house and I don’t know exactly how many apple cobblers and cakes we have eaten by Christmas but I ensure you that it’s many. This weekend we decided to dry some of the apples that we bought. I am so happy that Iris finds dried fruit tasty and that she sometimes chooses this over more traditional sweets. I hope you will enjoy the pictures from our little weekend adventure. If you do have a farmers market close to where you live I recommend that you check it out.
  Great honey, both natural and with different flavourings.
  We got very inspired by all the creative preserves.
 Of course there were a lot of vegetables as well.
 Some of best bread in the world from Röstånga Mölla!
 Beautiful flowers to decorate the balcony with…
 …and lots of herbs.
 Many different types of potato to choose from.
Macarons are not my favourite pastries but they sure look good!
 Dried apple rings. So easy to make. Just peel, cut and dry. As simple as that.
 They hang in the window of our kitchen and it looks like the best decoration.
I will follow up with some more pictures once they are dried and ready to eat.

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