How to Make great Soap bubbles

Have you ever tried to make soap bubbles at home and faced the fact that you have no clue how to. I thought it was the easiest thing in the world to make but I was way wrong. I just mixed some dish washing detergent and water. I didn’t think to much about the amounts, I figured it wasn’t that important. Of course it failed. There were no bubbles but a very disappointed daughter. Then I started to search the internet and found thousands of ways how to make the biggest, greatest, most glowing never pop super bubbles. With a lot of ingredients that we didn’t have at home. But after some research I found out that to make ordinary great bubbles you only need three things. Water, dish washing detergent and sugar. These three things we always have at home, as I am sure you do to. So here’s a recipe for ordinary great working soap bubbles with ingredients that everyone has at home. 

 The bubbles are done and ready.

We were so happy that they finally worked great.
Iris made some really big bubbles.
Everyone had to join in and try.
 Even if these are ordinary great soap bubbles, for Iris they are SUPER BUBBLES!

 The most fun part is to try and catch them.
 And here we tried with two loops. That was fun!

How to make ordinary great soap bubbles

You need:
1 dl dish washing detergent
1 1/2 – 2 dl water
2 tsp sugar

Start by choosing a jar or a can with a lid that closes properly. Then you fill it with the water and add the sugar. You stir the sugar in the water until it is dissolved completely. Then you carefully pour in the dish washing detergent in the water. Now close the lid and carefully turn it up side down a few times until everything is blended. If you turn it to much and it starts to foam the bubbles won’t work so be really gentle when doing this. Now they are done and you can start to bubble away!

If you don’t have a tool to put in the soap bubbles it is very easy to make one of your own. Just take steel-wire and form it into a loop. You can actually play around a little with the shapes and make more than one loop and in different sizes.

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