Heatwave and things that grows

What on earth is going on with the climate. I know what some of you might think, that I shouldn’t complain and so on but my sweet love Greta can hardly breath because of the heat! And frankly neither can I. Of course it is very nice while hanging out on the beach or any other place were you can cool yourself off but our house is like a sauna.

OK, now when I have gotten that out of my system I am going to tell you about something that really has been enjoying itself in the heat. Our tomatoes! And the black jalapeños and the basil. I tell you that there is some growing going on in our balcony. Every year we order seeds from Runåbergs Fröer, It is a webshop that sells a big variety of seeds. They have many types that I haven’t seen anywhere else and a lot of them are organic. This year we are so happy with our choice of tomatoes. We have tried different kinds but this one is a small to medium sized tomato with a very thin peel and so so sweet. It’s almost like eating a fruit. The jalapeños we have not tried yet but they also look really good. They are black jalapeño and they are supposed to be not so strong. We will see about that. I can’t wait to try them!

 The type is called Sub-Arctic Plenty and works very well in the Nordic climate. Not that we have very typical Nordic climate right now but anyway…
 And this little thing is surprisingly enough not so little. The Black jalapeño is a bit bigger than the green one and it is BLACK!

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