Tortilla de Patata – Spanish Omelette

After making a lot of things today I ended up resting in bed with Iris and my ipad. I did not have the energy to do anything that required an effort. Moments like this I am very grateful for being an owner of an Ipad. What on earth did I do before the internet. Iris was of course as happy as one can be. Mommy and ipad is for her the same as Eurovision quiz! She loves to watch the songs from the Swedish selection to Eurovision. It goes like this, we make a You Tube search for the songs in the Swedish selection 2014. Then one of us chose a song and the other one has to guess which song and artist it is. Love it! She really knows most of them and she even remember the ones from last year.

While we were resting Robertos mother prepared a Tortilla de Patata with guindillas and pimientos de padrón. This is one of the most typical things from here and when Roberto prepare it at home in Sweden it is very much appreciated. To make the perfect Tortilla you need to have some things in mind. Make absolutely sure to use a non-stick pan and enough oil. Don’t be afraid of the amount of oil in the recipe since you will filter most of it away after frying the potatoes. If you do not have these things in mind it will be impossible to make the most important step which is flipping the tortilla over. When you are a Tortilla master like the people from here I bet that you can freestyle a bit more but being a rookie like I am you need to be a bit more careful. This recipe is my mother in laws. After all she is the one behind Robertos much appreciated version and it would not feel right to publish anyone else’s recipe for Tortilla de patata here on the blog.

Tortilla de Patata - Spanish Omelette

500 g potato
4-5 egg ( 4 if big ones and 5 if small ones )
1 onion
2 dl (  0,84 cups ) olive oil
salt a big pinch
These amounts are calculated for a frying pan with a diameter of 20 cm.
While heating most of the oil ( save a couple of tbsp for later ) in low to medium heat, dice the onion and then start frying it. In the meantime dice the potatoes and place in a bowl. Add a big pinch of salt to it and stir. This is the only salt that goes into the tortilla so use all the salt that you want. Put the potatoes into the frying pan and fry with the onion until it is done. Filter the potatoes and onion from the oil. Mix the eggs with the potatoes and onion and heat one tbsp of olive oil in the frying pan. Fry the tortilla in low heat for about five minutes. Place a plate over the pan and turn it over so that the tortilla falls into the plate. Add a little more oil in the pan. Now carefully pour the tortilla from the plate into the frying pan and fry for three more minutes on the other side until it is done. Finally, place the tortilla on a plate and serve with for example fried guindillas and pimientos de padrón. Enjoy!

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