This is not a Peach Pie…

…but a Peach and Vanilla cake. I don’t know but rainy days just make me wanna bake. And yesterday was a rainy day. Our house transformed into a football court, cinema and bakery! Since we all started off the holiday with a cold it was not exactly a good idea to go out and start jumping in pools of water. So we created a new recipe instead. It might be the best cake we have ever made! The peaches are fried in butter and vanilla before they are added to the batter and the whole cake is finished off with some thin slices of butter and granulated sugar to create a caramelised and crispy surface. I don’t know why but I was thinking of my grandmothers when we were making the cake. I think they will really love this recipe.

A must when I am baking is some good music. And what could be better than these two old school divas, Paula Watson and Shirley Gunter.

Peach and Vanilla Cake

500 g of peach
2 egg
2 dl ( 0,84 cups ) flour
1 1/2 dl ( 0,6  cups) sugar + 2 tbsp for frying the peaches
100 g cold butter + 25 g for frying the peaches and a little more for the baking pan
1 1/2 granulated sugar
1 vanilla pod
breadcrumbs for the baking pan



Put the oven on 225 °C ( 437° F ). Butter the baking pan ( approx 24 cm diameter )  and spread the bread crumbs. Cut the peaches into wedges and then into halves. Fry them in butter, sugar and vanilla from the vanilla pod for about ten minutes in medium heat. In the meantime prepare the batter. Mix the eggs with the sugar until white and fluffy. Add the flour and mix carefully until you have a smooth batter. Now put the peaches, and the sauce that has appeared when frying them, into the batter. Stir it a little until the peaches are spread in the batter and pour it into the baking pan. Finally, the yummy part. Slice the butter and divide it onto the surface of the cake and then spread the granulated sugar. Put the cake in the oven, leave it for approximately 25 minutes and voilà, your cake is done!

Note: Don’t be shy to ask for translation to Swedish or Spanish if there is any ingredient or word that you are not familiar with.


2 thoughts on “This is not a Peach Pie…

  1. Anonymous

    Roligt att du tänkte på farmor/mormor, receptet är väldigt likt min mormors rabarberkaka. Rabarberbitarna trycks ner i smeten efter att en hällts i formen och sedan på med smör och pärlsocker, serveras med vaniljsås. Också mycket gott att göra den med jordgubbar och rabarber.


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